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Ember.js Workshops

Learn Ember.js with simplabs and Mike North.

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  • Just wanted to say how helpful I have found the Ember 2.0 course by Mike North. Ember is a really great tool, and Mike proved himself to be extremely knowledgeable and able to carefully articulate the nuances of Ember development, I certainly learned a lot of little things that I wasn't aware of previously and my understanding of Ember is that much better. Daniel Jeffery

  • [...] There was a very broad consensus that your style and depth would be a great fit for our team. John Norman, Chief Architect Iora Health

  • I appreciate someone that approaches the topic from the perspective of someone who both knows how to write Ember apps *and* understands the community, framework, future direction, etc. Andy Pickler

The Workshops

Our workshops teach the fundamentals and advanced topics of Ember.js and related tools like Ember CLI, Ember Data and Glimmer.js. They can give teams new to the technology a jumpstart and help engineers that are familiar with Ember already unlock the true power of the framework.

If you'd rather have a workshop on-site for your team you can also checkout our Training Catalog and book the customized training that best fits your needs.

Your instructor Mike North

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Mike is a global speaker, trainer and modern web consultant. Previously he was the CTO of Levanto Financial, and the UI Architect of Yahoo Ads & Data. He's a Front End Masters instructor, a Pluralsight author, and at his core a "product guy who codes". Mike has a passion for helping developers master the tools they're working with, in the interest of team productivity and happiness.