Blog: Built to Last #2: Karol Domagalski, founder & CEO of Upfit

Marco Otte-Witte

Founder and Managing Director of simplabs


Marco Otte-Witte interviews Karol Domagalski of Upfit, a mobile app that helps people live a healthier lifestyle. Upfit adapts to people's eating habits, working life, budget and time and creates customized nutrition plans, shopping lists and so on.

In the simplabs' Built to Last interview series, we talk to founders and company leaders about personal experiences, struggles, and learnings in their journey of successfully shaping product development processes.

Upfit is 100% bootstrapped and Karol is proud of that. One of his key takeaways is: "Invest in your own company, in your own people, and help them grow. Sparring and mentorship inside the company is super important."

We couldn't agree more! 💯 Thanks for sharing your learnings, Karol.

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